6th Rehearsal (17th August, 2010)

by SwännS)))

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This rehearsal we spent the first half hour playing around with bass riffs against the guitar lines, then matching them up to the parts I'd thrown together on the drum machine; all of which was totally undermined by breaking a bass string while tuning up, with no spares - total amatuer. Sounded o.k. in the room despite that, but the tone in the recording is quite thin sounding because of it. The beat patterns need a bit of work but we've got a good idea of the structure now. Need a good intro to set the scene and add some more colour; work out some killer riffs for the ending and get the noising off more structured but overall things are starting to come together now: so that's 'needs a lot of work' then! We're both agreed that this is the first time our stuff isn't embarassing, at least.

Making progress.


released August 30, 2010



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Track Name: The Song (R.06 V.05)
If you can do it once
you can do it again
If you can do it at all
it's been done before

Repeat with us

Faster then Hip-Hop
Slower than rock